About Us

Our Company

Edsoft Solutions provides service in retail software development since 2011 and we are ESET Indonesia Authorize Online Reseller. At the beginning our retail software solution are pretty simple, but now, we're growing with them:

  • Restoran Aneka Rasa
  • Apotik Mitra
  • Ice And Bean Cafe
  • Bread One Bakery
  • Mr.John Photography
  • Golden Star Education Centre
  • Aroma Cempaka Taxi
  • Aroma Cempaka Rumah Makan
  • Swiss Bel-Hotel Jambi

In 2016, we are expanding our business to hardware solutions, we provide PCs and Laptops computer including ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo brand. This is what we serve our customer for their better business.

Our main commitment are:

  • Top Quality Products
  • Customizeable Retail Software Solution
  • Delighting After Sales Service

Our Team

We have a good professional IT team to help our customer to get their best.


The software is just right for customization in my business and the service after sales is very good.

Heri Gunawan, The Owner of Ice and Bean Cafe

We can customize according what we want, it is what we are looking for the truth.

Ali, The Owner of Aroma Cempaka Rumah Makan